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Living Room Décor Trends 2022

Living Room Décor Trends 2022

Noshad Khan |

Living room is the heart of every home where you can relax, hang out with family, read a book, or watch TV. Most often, it also the room where you entertain guests or chill with close friends. Consequently, you want your living room interiors to be the epitome of style while also retaining the comfort element.

The current trends are all encompassing from natural, earthy tones that bring the outside inside to a cornucopia of colors with bold printed rugs and assorted furnishings. It all boils down to your individual style and the decorating end of the spectrum that resonates with you.

Following are some of the latest and chicest living room trends that you can incorporate in your home:

The Maximalist Approach

If you love vibrant, colorful rooms, now is your chance to reflect your free-spirited exuberance. Decorate your space with bold accessories and linens in mix-and-match style that personify organized chaos.  

Place small sculptures atop a stack of books, layer varied sizes of frames on shelves, arrange a number of rugs around the room, and so on. Look for ways to add dimension to the space and make use of even the smallest space. However, to avoid tackiness, keep a grounding common tone and build you color palette around it.

For the Love of Nature


Find ways to incorporate the natural elements in your living room for a sense of calm and serenity.

For starters, wicker and rattan have made a resounding comeback due to their warm tones and interesting textures. Consequently, you can find everything related to interior décor in one of these materials and weaving techniques. Splurge on furniture with rattan accents, go for grass cloth-wrapped consoles, replace the armchairs with rustic wicker chairs, or place jute baskets around the room for storage.

Moreover, incorporate lots of greenery around your room to induce a sense of freshness and relaxation. Go for big leafy plants that command a lot of attention or small succulents that are easier to care for. You can also fill your vases with pampas grass and dried baby breaths for a touch of minimalistic chic. Pampas grass décor is very in these days and this is one bandwagon you do not want to miss.

Finally, look for ways to bring in as much natural light as possible. Nothing makes the room appear more soothing than natural light filtering in from the windows.


Walls in Focus: Statement Art and Paneling

Painting your walls with a fresh lick of paint is no longer enough. Think about creating majestic and sophisticated backdrops for your living room décor by adding structured panels, colored in understated tones. Even though adding panels on the walls is an ambitious DIY, it is worth the effort that gives your space a novel appearance within a reasonable budget.

On the contrasting side, you can also opt for an array of vintage posters or bold statement abstract art to decorate your walls and personalize your space. The floating shelves also give you the ripe opportunity to display your art without a lot of wear and tear to the wall.  Additionally, while frame collages are nothing new, adding gilded mirrors and attention-grabbing wall art can make the gallery wall more magnificent.