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Budget Bathroom Restyling Ideas

Budget Bathroom Restyling Ideas

Noshad Khan |

Budget Bathroom Restyling Ideas

You would be surprised to know that an average person spends almost two years of his or her entire lifetime in a bathroom. Therefore, there is no reason why your bathroom needs to be boring and dull.

Even if a complete remodel is not on the cards due to budget issues or lack of time, you can always induce a touch of charm to your space with simple styling tricks and clever hacks.

Read on to find out some humble yet effective restyling ideas:

Revamp Your Mirror

From your morning grooming rituals to your nighttime skincare and hygiene routine, everything happens in front of the bathroom mirror. Thus, replace the small, dingy mirror with a size as big as the space allows. Doing so would instantly make your bathroom appear more airy and brighter. You can opt for the chic round mirror with a discreet frame or the contemporary illuminated one that makes makeup application a breeze. 

Add Striking Tile Stickers

Including the peel-and-stick tiles to your bathroom walls is a novel idea with dramatically pleasing results. These ingenious decorative creations are extremely reasonable, very easy to apply, and impart a fresh feel to your bathroom. Moreover, you can even stick them to your existing tiles to hide discoloration and grime buildup.

Make a statement wall in your shower cabin, provide an attractive backdrop to your freestanding tub, or give the backsplash a face-lift with beautifully patterned tiles. Just make sure to choose a water-resistant variety!           

Upgrade the Textiles

Swap your bath towel and bath rug with newer iterations and use the opportunity to inject some color to the space. Make sure to display your new accent color bathroom towel set on a simple yet gorgeous wooden ladder or in a woven jute basket for easy access and sublime aesthetics.

Next, place a vibrant rug, which complements your towels for bathroom, to improve the look of your dull bathroom floor. You do not have to stick to the mat variety in the bathroom section, use any small, artful rug you like but just include a nonslip backing to avoid any mishaps.    

New Bathroom Accessories

The rise in organizational frenzy has led to the availability of so many practical and stylish storage boxes, jars, and similar accessories appropriate for the bathroom.  Therefore, swap old toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, jars etc. with the sleek glass or ceramic variety that looks so classy. Additionally, arrange all the accessories on a marble tray for a sophisticated, clean look. You can further enhance the aesthetics but placing pretty, fragrant candles or diffusers sticks on the tray.   

Refresh the Place with Some Plants

There is no room that would not benefit from a few lush green plants and your bathroom is no exception. Opt for small potted houseplants that thrive in humidity and harness air-purifying properties, and find them a spot that receives sufficient light. You can also go for a taller plant if the space allows and make it into a statement-piece of your room. Needless to say, these budget-friendly additions will brighten up both your space and your mood.